5 Incredible Things to Do in Bandung to get a Great Vacation

Do you feel interested to visit Bandung? Well, there are some interesting places to visit and also many incredible things you can do. One of the places that you can use to stay is Fox Harris Bandung. Besides, here are 5 incredible things to do in Bandung in order to get a great vacation on this city.

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1. Cycle off Road at the Lodge Maribaya
One of the most favorite places on Bandung is the Lodge Maribaya. It is an outdoor adventure theme park with zipline bikes, where you cycle on a cable strung between two posts over the forest, hot air balloon rides, a Sky Tree, and a lot more besides.

2. Stay Overnight at a Unique Hotel
Visiting Bandung is not complete without do an overnight at a unique hotel. Luckily, there are some hotels in Bandung. One of the best hotels is Fox Harris Bandung. You can find relaxing experience in a luxurious setting.

3. Visit Kawah Putih
The lake of Kawah Putih is one of the best places in Bandung. It is worth to visit. The volcanic lake is located just outside of the city. It is normally pretty busy, especially when weekends come.

Even so, you still can find private place there. To get a little bit of privacy, walk along the path with the Kawah Putih Lake on your right hand side. We guarantee that you can see great and beautiful sceneries on this lake.

4. Explore Dusun Bambu
Dusun Bambu is a place which is recommended to visit. It is an open planned shopping complex set in a forest with a park, restaurants, shops, and apartments. You can visit Burangrang, which is the largest restaurant in the complex. The food and drinks are really tasted.

On top of that the venue is really fun, with an interesting interior and exterior design. The location of this place is on the outskirts of Bandung in Lembang. Don’t forget to walk around the area when you visit the complex.

5. Have an Adventure at Tebing Gunung Hawu
Tebing Gunung Hawu is located on West Bandung. It is a limestone hill in Padalarang. There are several limestone peaks between gaping chasms, whereby slack lines and even a hammock are set up for you to practice on and feel relax on it. You can also get beautiful view on this place.

That’s all about the 5 incredible things to do in Bandung to get a great vacation. If you are looking for a great hotel to stay, you can go to Fox Harris Bandung. This hotel is so comfortable and has sophisticated facilities like swimming pool, foods and beverages, and so on. Don’t forget to visit this hotel when you’re in Bandung.

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5 Incredible Things to Do in Bandung to get a Great Vacation
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